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A large villa rooftop with a small hut-like cabin, chairs a swimming pool in between

Casa Buena Carillo

Luxurious Four-bedroom Villa in Costa Rica

Priced at $989,000 US, the Casa Buena Carillo is a lavish four-bedroom villa located in Costa Rica. Meant for high-profile customers looking to purchase a second property in another country, this residence is located about 3 kilometres from the beach and offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean at an altitude of 300 metres. If you want to purchase a property offering a grand ambience, MSTP Costa Rica can help you with its immediate possession. Let us know if you are interested in a tour, and we will be more than happy to assist you. We welcome people from all over the world to invest in these Costa Rica properties and make their dream of living in a paradisiacal place come true.

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Home Information and Amenities

1 Living Room

4 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

1 Bodega

Before you finally decide to invest in this extravagant and lush property, let us walk you through some of Casa Buena Carillo’s key features.


  • The Casa Buena Carillo covers a total lot area of 1213 square metres, with a residential area covering 192 square metres.

  • An on-site surveillance camera secures the property with an active fibre optic internet connection.

  • The house is fully furnished with appliances, including ceiling fans.

  • The furniture of this property is unique and custom-made, and no metal aluminum material has been used in the construction.

If you want more information on the Casa Buena Carillo, ask us, and we’ll answer your questions.

Three-in-one image showing interior furniture for the kitchen, living room and dining room of a house

The Interior of Casa Buena Carillo

We assure you that you will not want to leave once you are inside this mesmerizing property. It accommodates two full bathrooms with spacious showers. The house has four large bedrooms and four exterior balconies with a sea view. You can find a sizable furnished living room and kitchen with an island-style countertop. The large dining area houses a dining table with room for six people. 


The interior floors, including the staircase of this house, are made of ceramic, with the staircase supported by a rugged wrought iron railing. There’s a proper air conditioning system for all bedrooms and double beds with a night study table to make your life easier.

 Front view of a white-brown cottage with curved stairs leading to the entrance

The Exterior of Casa Buena Carillo

The outside setting of this property is worth noting. The Casa Buena Carillo features an outdoor shower and a swimming pool, 6 metres x 3 metres in size. There is a well-functioning draining and gutter system to ensure there is no mess. There is a lot of storage space and paved parking for four cars.


You can enjoy a pool party on warm sunny afternoons as the property houses a 5.5 x 4-square metre bodega with a double door and work counter that features a toilet, sink, shower, and counter. The property also boasts a furnished one-bachelor apartment for an individual or 2 two people with a toilet, shower, counter, and sink. 


Besides this, a wooded area at the back of the residence offers the natural diversity of animals such as howler monkeys, white face monkeys, toucans, parrots, and other exotic birds, along with flowers, fruit trees, butterflies, and more. To add to that, the property is landscaped with palm trees, bananas, shrubs, plants, exotic flowers, and a lot more.

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Want to Own the Casa Buena Carillo?

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