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Cottage with a swimming pool in the backyard and chairs placed in the garden

Loma Verde Projects

Invest in the Loma Verde Projects for a Peaceful Stay in Costa Rica

MSTP Costa Rica is excited to bring the Loma Verde Projects to you. This is a large-scale residential development project in a tropical forest of Costa Rica that presently comprises 16 residences. If you have been searching for a place that offers a rich natural diversity with large forested areas, monkeys, exotic birds, flowers, and more, the residences offered in the Loma Verde Projects are just what you need.


MSTP Costa Rica knows all the right locations for your diverse yet specific real estate needs or projects. The villas we present in the Costa Rica region are varied in size, use, amenities, features and several other factors. If you are looking for a peaceful place to relocate to, our team can help you.

Reach out to our skilled team if you need a luxury villa or apartment in the Loma Verde Projects.


Overview of the Loma Verde Projects

Let us give you a brief outline of what this project has to offer before you make a decision.


  • The Loma Verde Projects offer calm and peaceful residences situated 2 kilometres away from Samara.

  • They are located in the middle of 2 main beaches - Samara beach and Buena Vista beach, which are just 5-10 minutes of walking distance.

  • This private residential project includes a gated entrance with a well-lit and paved street.

  • This project offers fibre-optic internet connectivity to its residents. 

  • The development site is maintained by a regular employee 5 days a week who looks after the street maintenance, plant pruning, fumigation, curbside, and more. He also manages security in the absence of the owners.

  • Regular house amenities such as water levels in the swimming pool are taken care of. 

  • The residences by Loma Verde Projects are dream places for your well-deserved retirement.

  • All homeowners' meeting is conducted in January of each year. 


Annual cost: $650 USA

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